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Hallelujah! Churchgoers are less-stressed, live longer: Study

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Those who attend places of worship are less stressed than those who don’t, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University.

The group looked at the levels of Allostatic load in 5,000 worshipers and non-worshipers to determine which group is more at risk for raised stress levels and health risks that could shorten life spans.

Allostatic load is a measurement of different factors – blood pressure, cholesterol density, metabolic rate (hip to waist ratio) and nutritional/inflammatory levels – to determine how stressed someone is.

Those (64%) who said they regularly attend church were less stressed.

Meanwhile, those who never attended a place of worship had significantly higher Allostatic loads and were more stressed and more likely to encounter health problems, the study revealed.

In an interview with, Marino Bruce, a research associate professor of medicine, health and society, said, “We’ve found that being in a place where you can flex those spiritual muscles is actually beneficial for your health.”

Those who attend mosques or synagogues achieved similar results.

Bruce, who is also a Baptist minister, says the survey findings simply encourage people to participate in something.

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