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Older dads have ‘geekier’ sons: Study | Health & Fitness | Life

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Researchers based out of King’s College in London, England and Mount Sinai in New York City say they’ve found a link between a father’s age and his sons IQ.

The researchers collected survey data from almost 8,000 twins approximately 12 years of age and determined the IQ levels of both them and their parents.

Levels of “geekiness” were also determined by looking at the children’s intensity, their focus and how socially aloof they were and scored them on a “geek” index.

They found that the older the father, the geekier the son was more likely to be. For children with fathers younger than 25, the average geek score was 39.6, offspring of fathers at 35-44 years old scored 41, while those with dads over the age of 50 boosted their “geek” score to 47.

One reason for this phenomenon, explains Dr. Magdalena Janecka of King’s College, might be that men who wait until later in life to have children are more likely to be “geeks” themselves.

“Certain men who delay fatherhood tend to be better educated and have better jobs and a higher geek index and they pass those genetics onto their offspring,” Janecka told the U.K. Guardian.

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